Becka x Becka

In this video you'll see one of the Rikolo's characters Rebecca fucking with her own clone. One of Rebecca's has tattoos, the other one has a small part of her hair colored pink/violet. It all starts with handjob to each other with kisses. As the next pose one of the Becca's gets on her knees and sucks the huge cock. We continue with boobjob and at the same time one of the girls is with her ass on the face of other one and she's licking her crotch and ass. It's time for real sex and they have sex from behind in the bed. What comes next is more interesting as they fuck each other at the same time. They are in the scissors position, putting their cocks in each other's ass at the same time. In the end they switch to missionary position and one of them cums inside ass while other shoots her load on her body and face.

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Author: Rikolo | www | more videos by this author


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